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Vegetarian Delicacies At Bogeto Cafe : Food Review & Photography


Solitaire Kohinoor Continental : Flavors of Maharashtra Food Festival Review & Photography

​Honored to be a part of Maharashtrian Food Festival at Solitaire, everything here is near perfect, right from the very warm staff with perfect balance of hospitality as well as sense to give privacy to diners when needed, exceptional service, delicious food with authentic flavors, ethnic Indian ambiance replete with classic Maharashtrian music and very pocket friendly too when looked at all parameters :)

The buffet is not overwhelming with options,rather choicest of starters, main course and desserts-which is still more than a person can reasonably eat at one time. We found every single dish taste just like it does in our Maharashtrian friends' homes, with lovely spicy-tangy-sweet-sour flavors, distinct use of spices, grated coconut, local vegetables and so on. Recommend everything on offer and especially-
Sol Kadhi
Puneri Misal Pav
Adu wadi
Jhunka Bhakar
Poha Chivda
Shankar Padi
Assorted Pickles
Bharwan Mirchi
Matar Karanji
Masala Bhaat
Steamed Modak
Puran Poli

Cheesy Goodness Galore At Juno's Pizza : Vegetarian Food Review, Photography & Recommendation

​ Centrally situated, very clean, bright and happy ambiance, extremely polite and efficient staff, quick service and delicious pizzas, pasta, desserts, all within a family-like format, definitely coming back here :) 

Had, loved and recommend- Creamy, flavorful Mushroom Soup,
Healthy Iceberg Salad,
Baked Nachos, perfect for munching on during evenings with delicious combination of cheese with spicy-tangy flavors,
Pesto Pasta, extremely comforting, full on authentic flavors,
Value for money Happizza, Cheese flavor has a combination of various cheeses, making it a must-have,
Boss's Favorite pizza-the melding of sweet-ish sauce with chilly paprika makes it one of the best pizzas ever,
The GOTZ pizza-burst of cheese with flavors of zucchini and cherry tomatoes, couldn't stop at just 1 slice of this one!
Home Made Tiramisu, this one is not light and fluffy, so not debating about authenticity here, but it was definitely sinfully delicious and I am gonna dig…