Sunday, 21 May 2017

Breakfast Menu Indulgence : NRI - Not Really Indian, BKC

What a beautiful place! Elegant, perfect service, warm staff, beautiful continental ambiance, gives the fine-dine feel from beginning to end! It was a pleasure to be here for reviewing their breakfast menu which has something for everyone, delicious + healthy combo with calories per dish clearly written in the menu. Thanks to the kind Chef who made us try literally everything on the menu (most are vegetarian dishes with some non veg options too)  and I personally recommend -
wholesome Multigrain Porridge with Berries, Cinnamon Honey and Cocoa,
delicious crunchy Do Pyaaz Mirchi paratha,
sweet and drool-worthy Moringa Yogurt with Berries, Nuts, Fruits and Honey,
and old fashioned shake with nuts-beware, the shakes have the maximum calories though (like that would deter a foodie like me!)

Everything else is really good too, quality ingredients, fantastic presentation, each dish is of international standard and now I will be planning to land here for a lunch or dinner meal soon :) 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Say Cheese Festival At 1441 Pizzeria : Delicious Indulgence

Cute outlet with earthy yet vibrant ambiance and fantastic staff serving delicious, fresh, thin crust wood-fired oven pizzas, where we can choose from unlimited toppings, now how does life get any better than this! We had a half and half pizza with bell peppers, olives, broccoli + mushrooms, corn and onions. The sauce they used just elevated it to another level, and I am still drooling over it. 

We were here to review their Say Cheese Festival so we tried Stracciatella Pizza with rocket leaves, tomatoes, stracciatella, parmesan cheese along with Greek Cheese Pizza with white sauce,mozzarella,spinach, onions ,feta cheese. It was a half and half which tasted gourmet delish and I wish I had 4 stomachs so we could try all other varieties. Among dessert, we recommend the creamy and dreamy Chocolate Mousse + Nutella Pizza which was not overly sweet, good for someone like me with not much affinity for sweet things :) Suffice to say, will be back very soon. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Broaster Chicken New Menu : Veggie Deliciousness Galore!

Been to Broaster Chicken earlier too and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of all the options available for veggies too! So when I was here with my friends for checking out their new additions to the menu,I knew I was in for a wonderful time and they did not disappoint us one bit. In fact, my friends are non veggies but they had mostly veg items with me and loved them all :) The ambiance is modern, rustic, eclectic, geared towards sending out a solid relaxed vibe and very young at heart too. Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi has created a marvellous menu keeping in mind the Indian palate and there is something for everyone, prices do seem a bit high but it is worth it for the quality and quantity,

We tried and recommend-
Firangi Palak Paneer Dip i.e. creamy spinach cheese dip, soft paneer chunks, grilled pita bread,

Arabiata Italiano i.e. Golden French Fries, cheesy cream sauce, arabiata sauce and jalapenos,

Crusty Cheese Veg Burger -a full cheesy delicacy with a dash of smoked BBQ as well as Dil Garden Burger i.e. crispy mixed vegetable patty, onion-tomato slaw, cheesy jalapenos, both burgers were laden with cheese, a feast for both eyes as well as tongue!

Penne A La Rose Pasta i.e.penne with a blend of Alfredo and Arabiata sauces with cheese, pretty good,

Ghotala Khichdi Veg i.e. veg khichdi (more like pulao) with mixed veggies, chunky malai paneer, butter masala,

My non veggie friends had a non veg platter with different kinds of chicken pieces and loved ittttttt :D

Dessert brought us Chocolate samosa with mango ice cream i.e. crispy chocolate filled mini samosa & mango, what a combo, a complete must have! and we also tried the innovative Oreo Phirni-more like a bed of chocolate sauce phirni with chunks of oreo,quite rich and calorific :)

One of those places I would definitely go back even though I am a hardcore veggie and it has chicken in its name, that is proof enough :)

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Red Carpet Wax Museum R City Mall Mumbai India : Travel & Entertainment Diaries

​Did you know John Cena, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates, Obama and Saina Nehwal are all in Mumbai right now? And so are Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs? Before you point me in the direction of nearest asylum, I would like to point your interest towards a wonderful travel destination in the middle of this concrete jungle called Mumbai. Make your date with Red Carpet Wax Museum right away because this just took my breath away! 

Everyone knows about Madame Tussauds but not everyone can personally visit their famed outlets abroad. Fret not as we can now experience the same joy of meeting and greeting the wax counterparts of some of the biggest global celebrities at R City Mall, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, 1st floor, South Wing at this fabulous wax museum where posing with the statues is actually encouraged. This was my first visit to such a place and I was blown away, so was my family. These folks have spent 5 years bringing this idea to fruition, every personality brings a new dimension to the selection, every statue is life-like with 4-6 months of minute International craftsmanship behind it, and it feels surreal to walk around celebrities who transcend time :) 

Hold a crucifix and pose alongside Pope or don a crown to stand by the Queen, read a book while Nelson Mandela peers over your shoulder or snatch John Cena's title away, bow down with humility alongside Mother Teresa or gaze in awe at Steve Jobs as he unveils the next big Apple innovation; there is something new at every step of the way in Red Carpet Wax Museum. The unique props and accessories make the child inside us come alive and the staff here is perfectly trained to make our experience better :)

And then there are special surprises, for example, look at the sleeping watchman. Now look closely- it is actually a wax statue. Say whaaaaaat! I do not want to spoil more surprises hidden deep inside the museum because the thrill of discovering them is second to none. These form memories we would be cherishing for long! At just Rs. 300 for weekdays and Rs. 400 for weekends (with additional discounts and offers too), this is actually a steal.

It was really difficult for me to choose just one favorite. Maybe the sanguine Albert Einstein with sparkling eyes (wonder how a wax statue's eyes can sparkle? See it to believe it!) or Abraham Lincoln's pensive stare. Or maybe Lionel Messi's unassuming yet imposing stance. Or Saina Nehwal standing tall, her face positively radiant. Each statue seems able to breathe, it is actually a little unsettling at first but then it feels quite natural after a while. With elegance, innovation and surprises galore, I am sure Red Carpet Wax Museum would scale heights of popularity among the list of must-visit destinations in Mumbai :)​

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